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  • Yamaha x BGS Artist Sessions: Aaron Lee Tasjan
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Yamaha x BGS Artist Sessions: Aaron Lee Tasjan

Apr 22, 2021


For this year’s Folk Alliance International and SXSW conferences, BGS collaborated with Yamaha Guitars to film performances from some of the artists we are most excited about in 2021. Over the next few weeks, we will be publicly releasing these exclusive videos. 

In this solo performance, folk-rocker Aaron Lee Tasjan offers four stripped-down versions of songs off of his fourth studio album, Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan!, which he released in February. Tasjan opens with “Up All Night,” replacing the opening synth with driving electric guitar. As he sings, “Staying up all night/ It could be good or it could be bad for you/ It’s gonna be alright, or it won’t be,” Tasjan captures the uncertainty of modern love, noting that the good can only happen when we take a leap of faith despite the possibility of heartbreak. He follows “Up All Night” with “Don’t Overthink It,” again showing off his guitar skills during the nearly two minute-long outro. 

Next, Tasjan moves to keys to perform “Feminine Walk.” With each chorus, Tasjan proudly declares, “I got a feminine walk,” embracing his own queer identity. Tasjan ends on a high note with “Dada Bois,” playing a sped-up rendition on keys that is fittingly reminiscent of Elton John. In the chorus, Tasjan belts, “Dada boys, I bleed to love/ Gaga girls, you’re my drug / My heart is wild but it’s true/ Beating like a speeding train for you / I love anyone it tells me,” celebrating love in all forms and following one’s heart.  

You can discover more about Yamaha Guitars and the Yamaha Custom Shop at YamahaGuitars.com.


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Yamaha x BGS Artist Sessions: Aaron Lee Tasjan
Yamaha x BGS Artist Sessions: Aaron Lee Tasjan