The Bluegrass Situation: Roots Culture Redefined

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The String
THE STRING: GUTHRIE TRAPPIn Nashville, the greatest guitar town in the world, Guthrie Trapp is at the top of the mountain. He can range across every style, improvise with endless invention and subtlety. He can shred or twang or drift elegantly. And most of the time, he’s a sideman and studio player. A…
The StringMar 20, 2018

David Ball is one of our best traditional country singers, a regular on the Grand Ole Opry and that rare classic indie who had big radio hits in two different decades. But before he twanged us up with Thinkin' Problem, in his well-spent youth, he was bass player and singer in Uncle Walt's Band, one…

The StringMar 12, 2018

Lillie Mae has lived a classic Nashville journey. She came of age on Lower Broadway, playing six nights a week with her family band as a teenager. She and her siblings were mentored and produced by the great Cowboy Jack Clement. Her band was signed to and dropped from a major country label. Then she…

The StringMar 6, 2018

Delbert McClinton has two gifts that have served him well. He’s got a one in a million voice. It’s thunder and whiskey and leather and silk. It’s instantly recognizable. It’s innate and inimitable. Delbert’s other gift is a lifelong stubborn refusal to lend that voice to anything he doesn’t love, and he’s got really top…

The StringFeb 25, 2018

The 30th annual Folk Alliance International conference recently wrapped in Kansas City. It’s a confab like no other, with countless showcase performances large and small. And it’s the subject of this week’s multi-artist edition of The String, including an exclusive interview with Richard Thompson.

The StringFeb 13, 2018

Sierra Hull's most recent album was 2016's Weighted Mind, a hard earned departure from her straight-ahead bluegrass sound. In this hour we talk about working on that project with Bela Fleck producing. But mostly it's a talk about origins and influences and growing up in the Tennessee bluegrass culture.