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Brit Pick: Curse of Lono
Brit PickSep 13, 2018

Artist: The Southern Companion Hometown: Lymington, Hampshire Latest Album: 1000 Days of Rain Sounds Like: Counting Crows, The Black Crowes, (yes they sound like two bands with “crows” in their names. Never thought about a crow genre before, but there ya go). They also remind me of some non-crow artists like Eric Church, Tom Petty,…

Brit Pick: Curse of Lono
Brit PickAug 10, 2018

Artist: Elles Bailey Hometown: Bristol, England Latest Album: Wildfire Sounds Like: Mollie Marriott, Jo Harman, Bonnies Tyler and Raitt, with a touch of Amy Winehouse. Why You Should Listen: I love a husky voice and Elles Bailey has it in spades. Of course a voice that sounds like it’s had more nights out than me…

Brit Pick: Curse of Lono
Brit PickJul 12, 2018

Artist: Olivia Chaney Hometown: Florence, Italy but grew up in Oxford, England and now lives in London so we are claiming her. Latest Album: Shelter Sounds Like: Eliza Carthy, Joanna Newsom, Johnny Flynn, Laura Marling Why You Should Listen: Sometimes you just need to step outside your box, leave your comfort zone, and proactively NOT…

Brit Pick: Curse of Lono
Brit PickJun 20, 2018

Artist: Bennett Wilson Poole Hometown: Rural Oxfordshire. Well, that's where the group was dreamed up but two-thirds are from South London and one-third from Oxford proper. Latest Album: Bennett Wilson Poole Sounds Like: Hard to pin down but at a push I’d say Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young but there's something of the Tom Petty about…

Brit Pick: Curse of Lono
Brit PickMay 10, 2018

Artist: Joana Serrat Hometown: Vic, Spain (Okay, okay. I know this is called “Brit Pick” and Spain is decidedly not in Britain, but Joana is signed to a British label, gigs in the UK often, and is just so good that I wanted to tell you about her, so forgive me for not staying in my lane…

Brit Pick: Curse of Lono
Brit Pick: Curse of Lono